SIMTREX is specialized within Maritime Resource Management (MRM) and our business concept is to offer company specific MRM implementation including applicable adjustments to the companies Quality Management System (QMS). We offer also generic MRM (BRM, ERM, BTM), Ship Handling, ECDIS and other maritime courses.The MRM courses includes Maritime Simulator Training (Bridge and Engine) and can be adapted to company specific procedures and checklists.

To include MRM in your organisation and day-to-day operation will improve and contribute to a safer ship handling and a better understanding why incidents and accidents occur due to the Human Factor. This knowledge together with commitment within the ship and shore organization will make sure that the number of incidents and accidents are minimized.

Independent studies conclude that 90% of incidents and accidents are caused by the Human Factor, and that 70 % of these could have been avoided with improved understanding of our own capabilities and limitations. This knowledge in conjunction with enhanced communication and teamwork skills within your organization will push your company forward.

Statistics clearly substantiates that shipping companies, that work actively with MRM and the just culture, have far less incidents and accidents compared to other shipping companies.

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