In accordance to IMO 1:22 including MRM/BRM

(Maritime/Bridge Resource Management)

The course turns to Bridge Officers with the purpose to provide increased possibilities to use the experiences, skills and resources which are present onboard to achieve and develop the safety standard set by the Company. The course is also focusing on Bridge duty procedures and handling of the vessel in various conditions. 

The course will result in two certificates:

Bridge Team Management

in accordance to IMO Model Course 1:22, STCW Table A-VIII/2 and Table B-VIII/2, and

Maritime Resource Management Training Certificate,

STCW Table A-II/1, Table A-II/2, Table A-III/1, Table A-III/2.

This course is conducted in accordance to IMO Model course 1:22, MRM (Maritime Resource Management) and BRM (Bridge Resource Management). The course length is 4 days with mandatory self studies.

Swedish is normally used during the lectures, but all course material is on English. English will be used should there be course participants with other nationalities than Swedish. The course is only conducted at our Simulator facilities at Donsö.

Target Group:



16.000 SEK VAT excl.


Training Center DONSÖ 


44 hrs (4 days)


Prior Knowledge:

Requirement for endorsement of Certificate(s):

The course participant must take part in all theoretical lectures and practical trainings to achieve an approved result.