Captain Joakim Vonasek have 25 years practical and theoretical experience of the MRM culture. This experience have been gathered during the various assignments for Star Cruises/Dream Cruises (Captain from 2009 to 2020) and as instructor at world leading MRM training centers (CSMART and SIMWAVE in the Netherlands). Additional studies regarding the Human Factor have been added as a compliment. Captain Joakim Vonasek has been a Certified MRM Workshop Leader since 2008.

Star Cruises/Dream Cruises have had a close cooperation with The Swedish Club, the initiator of MRM, since their launch in the mid 90’s, and were also pioneer in implementing the concept of the MRM culture throughout their organization. The benefits have been substantial, and many shipping companies are today looking at, and following what Star Cruises/Dream Cruises practiced for more than 20 years. Star Cruises/Dream Cruises had a 20 year history of zero navigational insurance claims. This statistic is unique in the shipping industry.

Captain Joakim Vonasek have been part of this MRM culture since 1997, and seen the many benefits and contributions for a safer ship handling, better teamwork and communication it results in, which subsequently reduce human errors and mistakes which could have consequences.

The extensive MRM experience that Captain Joakim Vonasek posess in conjunction to Captain Rolf Karlsson long history and background within education in the Maritime Industry in both the Military and Private sector, is the strength of our concept and is the main reason why the program we offer is highly credible and successful. To be able to refer to own experiences, when the MRM culture has made the big difference, during a scenario or incident contributes also to the credibility and understanding the importance of implementing MRM in the daily operation.

Implementation of this culture can not solely be achieved by participating in a training or course. The training is one part of our concept, but a successful and effective implementation consists of several components. The company specific MRM implementation includes, but is not limited to, a close cooperation with both the ship and shore organization to enable to produce relevant documentation and course material based on eachindividual shipowners requirements and needs. The company specific material is used in conjunction to the MRM course.

Existing company culture, routines, procedures and QMS (Quality Management System) documentation are also looked into, making sure that amendments and changes to incorporate MRM, where applicable, are done during the process. Assessments and evaluate progress onboard the vessels and within the shore organization is also a vital part of the program. Seminars and workshops for ship and shore personnel are also included, when applicable, making sure that the MRM culture is transparent throughout the organization.

We strongly believe and are convinced, as also recent studies concludes, that a successful implementation must include commitment from Senior Management in the shore organization, as well as an open and interactive communication between all parties onboard and between ship and shore. The program that we offer, and adapt for your needs, will help to improve such communication and implementation of the MRM culture within your organization.